Thursday, March 15, 2007

Colorless crime

On the occasions when violent crime occurs in Costa Mesa, we have come to expect - as we are sure the sun will rise - that certain voices within the community will want to know one thing: Is it gang related? And if it is they'll quickly announce - eyes flickering with rage - that the perps are most assuredly of Latino or Hispanic heritage, and that our city's leaders must act swiftly, decisively to rid our little municipality of these unseemly agents and the social heroin that attracts them.

We won't bother to remind regular readers who the source(s) is/are of the predictably assumptive, above-the-fold editorials that follow such events. We'll just say that according to their theory, violent gang-related crime is brown crime. And there is no other.

Or, at least, no other worth mentioning.

Remember how, two months ago, Costa Mesa made national headlines (here) when our city's police department - in collaboration with the Orange County Sheriffs Department - busted a handful of white supremacists allegedly part of the Public Enemy No. 1 gang? The sweep was an orchestrated law-enforcement initiative that broke up a ring which was, allegedly and alarmingly, poised to murder cops.

Strangely, only tumbleweeds rolled and crickets chirped from within the confines of the usual community sources who are ready to run the Mexicans out of town whenever a gun goes off or some grafitti shows up on a wall.

Most recently, there is this troubling event as reported today by Orange County Register staffer Kimberley Edds (here). According to Edds' report, a 17-year-old Newport Beach youth was stabbed March 14 while walking on Placentia Avenue near Shalimar Drive.

According to CMPD Sgt. Mike Ginther, the perps were dressed in Gothic clothes (not exactly your standard dress for Latino or Hispanic gang members). Too, the assailants reportedly asked the young man - prior to the stabbing - if he liked "to kick it with Hispanics."

Apparently, the victim gave them the wrong answer (his girlfriend, according to the OC Register report, is Hispanic). And so, naturally, they cut him.

So we cup our ear and tune our gain waiting to here the outrage from the bleachers where the pontificators hold season tickets to Costa Mesa's disintegration. Again, nothing. Crickets and tumbleweeds.

Now then, if the crime-is-rampant crowd in this community - certainly those who regularly spew or hold press conferences and offer rewards whenever a crime smells of a gang orientation of a certain tint - hope to have any credibility when it comes to actually snuffing out crime and gangs in Costa Mesa, we'd better hear them singing whenever events likes these occur. Regardless of color.

Otherwise, shut up.

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The Pot Stirrer said...

Ah, the skill with which the proprietor of slices and dices the racist blowhards of this city! Such precision and economy of words! It's as though he was jamming the mayor and his cadre through a veg-o-matic!

We, too, have wondered frequently - as recently as a week ago - why the mayor and his crew become invisible when crimes committed by white perpetrators occur, and yet scream to high heaven when a Latino appears to be involved.

Thank you,, for cranking up the spotlight on the hypocrisy that exists at high levels in our city. Perhaps the glare will attract the attention of more residents and provide them with some true enlightenment.