Monday, March 19, 2007

I forget...sort of

On the eve of the Costa Mesa City Council Seating Chart pimple coming to a head, Daily Pilot staffer Alicia Robinson reports today (here) on just how poisoned the council chemistry has become over this one.

Apart from the surrealism that city staffers have had to spend any time refereeing this spitball dustup (about $120 worth, according to the Pilot), two things emerge from Robinson's piece.

First, Mayor Allan Mansoor is fast becoming the poster boy for blameless autocraticism. Remember the ICE initiative? No study session. No opportunity for public input prior to the issue showing up on the agenda. The mayor simply piloted the thing on to the city's frontyard without warning. Recall, too, the mayor's unannounced zephyr to dismantle part of the Costa Mesa Country Club's Mesa Linda course to make way for soccer fields.

Now we learn, according to Robinson's story today, that Mansoor never approached Dixon about the potential seat change. But never mind that. He's the mayor and it's not his fault that this has become an issue.

So then, who's to blame for this lawn-dump, Mr. Mayor? "The Daily Pilot is turning this into a huge issue when it's not." Ah...of course.

The other curiosity we learn about is that Councilmember Wendy Leece is prone to hazy recollection. As to how the seating squabble came to be, she tells Robinson: "I don't remember how that did come up."

Well, sort of. In nearly the same breath, Leece says that "it's been a challenge where I've been sitting, so I think I brought it up to the mayor that it would be helpful to get some answers during the meeting."

Hmmm. Okay.

We conclude with a suggestion: The seating chart doo-dah is scheduled as the last item of business on the council's March 20 agenda. And given that the political math guarantees Councilmember Linda Dixon will be moving, we urge the council to move the item to the lead of all other business.

After all, the city's business is far too important to abide the "challenge" confronting Ms. Leece. Costa Mesa will benefit if she begins receiving the counsel of City Manager Allan Roeder as soon as possible.


Len Bose said...

I find The Daily Pilot continued interest on this topic just lazy reporting. I noted that in the council meeting of March 6, Dixon replied that she told Alan that she did not wish to move over the phone, review the tape? This make’s me wonder how many other facts Alicia has reported incorrectly?
Has a whole let’s not fight this battle and move forward. I need information on the upcoming Neighborhood traffic management program Town hall meeting. What are “traffic calming” strategies?

The Pot Stirrer said...

The city distributed a flyer this week announcing a Town Hall Meeting on the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. Thursday, April 5, 2007, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park Avenue, Costa Mesa (at Lions Park).

Len Bose said...

Thanks Geoff,
I am looking for discussion on: what is “traffic calming techniques & guidelines for residential traffic? It would be great to get the brain juices going before the meeting. Will the City post an Agenda for this meeting?

The Pot Stirrer said...

It's a Town Hall, which ususally has a more free-form agenda. Call Transportation Services at 714-754-5185 for more info. See you there.

Len Bose said...

Ok I found plenty of reading material in the following links if anybody wants to study up for the Town hall meeting?

DVS said...

Thanks Len!