Thursday, March 08, 2007

Musical chairs

We hated musical chairs back in the hey. The Costa Mesa City Council's latest calliope-accompanied doo-dah reminded us of this. When the match gets down to the last, coveted chair - in this case adjacent to City Manager Allan Roeder - booger munchers tend to get really snotty.

And so it was on Tuesday in the hallowed chamber halls - err, Big Top - of Costa Mesa's civic center.

It went down like this: To wrap up his council comments, Mayor Allan Mansoor thought it would be really swell if the new kid in class (Councilmember Wendy Leece) could sit next to the teacher (Roeder). Afterall, the teacher is really smart and all and the new kid...well, she's got kind of a big learning curve in front of her, ya know. A little extra help might bring her test scores up. And we know how important those are to home values and helping us be more like Newport Beach and less like Santa Ana.

But there was a problem. Councilmember Linda Dixon - who's been in class awhile - likes sitting next to the teacher. And she thought the mayor was trying to put the unpopular kids together 'cause they're kind of weird and everything and they never have the right answers. But neener-neener, Mr. Mayor, you're not the boss of her. And your mother wears Army boots.

The Mayor, seeing how he wasn't going to get his way, pulled the bully card and decided to make the musical chairs game an agenda item at the council's next meeting. Think of that...high-level city employees developing a staff report on the critical subject of where our city's councilmembers should park their butts. Ehhh, those staffers are slackards anyway. They gotta have something to do.

The teacher just rolled his eyes and thought about his pension. In the meantime, the seating chart remains the same.

As we noted to Orange County Register staffer Jeff Overley (here), all of this reminds us of a bunch of goober-flinging grade schoolers fighting for swings on the playground.

We guess Costa Mesa really doesn't need a Youth in Government program. It already has one.


The Pot Stirrer said...

You Da Man! Love the poll, too! Vote early and often.

Chuck Cassity said...

I find it absolutely unbelievable that these folks aren't displaying the least bit of embarassment over what is a most embarassing situation. For them, and for our fair city. Is it that they're not smart enough or astute enough to know any better? Or is it that they just don't give a damn? Either way, it seems to me that the citizens of Costa Mesa lose.

John Rubright said...

I can't believe how childish this sounds. Is this what we can expect for the really big and important decisions. We better come together as a city and make sure the little children behave and make adult choices. Not who looks good on what side or keep people on special sides.

flyonthewall said...

great article! As an improver, even I have to say this move is nonsense. Leece should not have to talk to Roeder on the dais during meetings, she should do it with him one on one in his office. However, this is not really an important issue that affects the city in any way on it's own. We already know there is polarization and antagonism coming and going from both sides as it is. Maybe Bever not wanting to sit next to Dixon is the real reason and of course, being next to Foley is probably not a good idea either. Personally i like it the way it is. When the votes are cast, the pattern of the red and green colors are really cool, switching from Red, green green green Red- to Green red red red Green. The move would detroy that.

Earl Duane said...

Recognition from Joseph N. Bell, now that is admirable.