Friday, April 27, 2007

itchingpost signs off is signing off. We'll miss the banter. But we won't be far away. In fact, we'll just be in a different medium...ever ready with our box of rubber gloves to keep Costa Mesa government and those who serve us, shall we say, on their toes.

Here's the scoop. We've been asked by the Daily Pilot to rekindle our column bring back our trenchant and acerbic observations of the Costa Mesa government machinery.

We're happy to oblige. It's the Daily Pilot where we first took up the task of probing and lampooning the workings and foot soldiers of our municipal government in a column called Between The Lines. Later, we penned a different collection of thoughts under the Watchdog banner.

We don't know what this new column will be called...but, it won't hold any punches, and we'll call 'em as we see 'em.

The good news for us is that we'll again hold court before a larger audience, and we'll be a regular seat warmer at City Council, Planning and Parks Commission meetings. We're really pumped that we now have an excuse to dust off our collection of ball caps, which sort of became our brand back in the Between The Lines days.

In the meantime, we'll keep live so past writings can be reread.

To all of our readers, thanks. And to our many sources, rest assured we'll always be available to hear you out.

Thanks for reading. Good night.


Chuck Cassity said...

Really enjoyed your stuff, Byron. I trust your Pilot pontifications will satisfactorily fill the void to be left by your failure to blog. Best of luck in the future.

zenofobe said...

I too have really enjoyed reading your blog. I mostly disagree with you since I am an IMPROVER and not a Return to Reason person and you seem to pick on improvers a lot, but at least fairly unlike the people at the Pilot where you are now hopefully going to be a great success. Please try not to spin stories against the council majority ! (such as: "mansoor voted against a gang enforcement agenda item". like you did last election to help bruce and mike ) Tell it like it is! (such as:"mansoor voted against a 70K/yr social worker job position but kept in tough enforcement").GL!

The Pot Stirrer said...


Great news! You've come full circle since you first inspired me to write that very first letter to the editor many moons ago. There's no doubt in my mind that your regular contributions in the Daily Pilot, alternating with the ever-feisty Barbara Venezia, will keep the local pols on their collective toes. The readers of the Daily Pilot are the winners. Give them heck, amigo!

dvs said...


That is really a good news bad news sort of thing! Any chance we can still use the itching post as a place to respond to your articles in the Pilot? The Pilot feedback is awful (in my opinion). All the best!

Byron de Arakal said...


The Pilot is working on fine tuning the feedback feature. It will get better.

Let me noodle on the idea of posting comments on my Pilot columns here. I'll get back to you on it.